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The Greens Plus Guarantee

Uncompromising Promise.

Deliver the best nutrition.

Greens Plus contains only the finest 100% natural, premium quality and organically-grown ingredients, plus we protect the integrity of our product's nutrient value using a proprietary handling process that is crafted in the USA.

Make it easy.

We strive to find ways to make nutrition readily accessible and delicious so more people can enjoy the benefits of a fully charged life.

Guarantee it.

If you are not satisfied with any Greens Plus product, please return it to the place of purchase for a full refund.

From our CEO, Jude Deauville:

Certified pesticide and herbicide-free, Greens Plus is meticulously blended and bottled by hand in the USA. Greens Plus bottles are nitrogen flushed to remove all oxygen. The bottle contains both moisture and oxygen absorbent packets to ensure maximum freshness.

For more than 20 years, Greens Plus has exceeded industry standards through our commitment to using the purest ingredients, precise manufacturing practices, and detailed laboratory analysis. I personally taste each and every blend of Greens Plus before it is bottled. Where our products are concerned, I accept nothing but the best! That's why I personally guarantee it.

We have perfected a superior, proprietary handling process, that protects the integrity and nutrient value of Greens Plus. For questions please call 1.800.643.1210.

Wishing you abundant good health,
Jude A. Deauville
Founder and CEO of Greens Plus

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